Hey there

First things first, a quick introduction. I’m Emma, a 23 year old speech and language therapist (turned flight attendant) and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I grew up in Omagh, a town you may or may not have heard of, in a small, but beautiful country called Northern Ireland. In more recent years I spent my time living, studying and working in wonderful Glasgow, Scotland, before making the big move to a place many people like to call ‘the sandpit’.

It’s fast approaching the year mark since I started living in Dubai and during the past 10 months I’ve been lucky enough to travel to 18 amazing new cities in 11 different countries. I’ve often thought about starting a blog or writing some sort of travel journal, and so after a bit of persuasion from my friends and family (mainly my sister, Davina), I’ve finally decided to get this thing started. I plan to use it as a platform through which I can share with you my transition from speech therapy to cabin crew, and at the same time document  my journey around the globe with one of the world’s best airlines. During my last visit home, my Papa Bill gave me the final push in reminding me, ‘you should really be writing all of this down Emma’, so here it is.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading!

Emma x

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